Battle Creek's O'Isengart won on the Worldshow in Wuppertal best in Variety and wasr nominated ( out of 268 Maine Coons). With only 7 Monathn  :) Gratulations Mrs. Trier and the Bluetowncats!

25.Februar 2012
Battle Creek's D' Penelope won BEST IN SHOW 3-6 Monath, on the Show in Lingenfeld. Gratulations to Mrs.  Otto und den Cats of Frozen Earth!

30.Oktober.2010   We been on show! Our Jeneia placed 4. und 5.     rank in Allbreed Alter Finales

29.November.2009   We been on the World Show in Wuppertal :-) Battle Creek's O' Edgar won BEST IN SHOW.
01.November.2009We been on Show in  Heinenoord NL. A successful Show for our Cats
Battle Creek's J' Sedona: 1'SP  3'AB  7'AB
Battle Creek's O' Edgar: 2'AB  4'AB  7'AB
Battle Creek's O' Dexter: 2'AB  6'AB

Edgar ( 4 Month ) 2. Best Kitten in Finale and best Maine Coon Kitten, at Allen Walburn.
03.Mai.2009  We been on Show in Beesel/Holland:
Sedona   BEST IN SHOW .  Naomi Best breed and Nominated f.Bis. . Orlando Best breed und Nominated f.Bis.
12.April.2009 Wir were on Show in Belgium ,
Sedona  1 x 3rd Best Kitten /All breeds, 1 x 5th Best Kitten/All Breeds.
2 x bestes Maine Coon Kitten /1 x Best of Breed!
at the Rings, our lovely young Girl: 

News at Youngster's page.
New Litter upcoming. And finally we have new Pictures of our 3 Kittens online today.
Our beautiful big Girl Isolabella gave first birth today. Soon more informations at Litters page

Updated Litters Page 
New Pictures of our Kittens!


New Plans! We expecting Kittens! Watch breeding plans.
News look Males page
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Newborn Kittens today! We have anew Litter from Pauline and Jseph. More Kittens watch Litters page.
Photoshooting for our Babies from from Shopping Queen and Adagio Watch.
More Kittens watch Litters page.
We been on Show in WCF System in Oldenburg.
Adagio did Best in Show/Maine Coon Special.
Fantasy did Best in Show/Maine Coon Special/ Best of Breed.
Lillifee did Best in Show/Maine Coon Special and BEST OF BEST.
We are more than happy with this results.
Lacocoon Fantasy of Battle Creek, Best in Show and Best of Breed
Hispanocoon Adagio of Battle Creek, Best in Show.
Battle Creek' s Lillifee, Best in Show and BEST of BEST

Updates new Litters are online now, watch Kitten-Litters.
New pictures on the males page of our Cats Jack the Lad with 3 years amd Humperdink , also female page is updated with new Pictrures of our youngster Girl Gwendolyn.
Some pedigree links are now repaired.

We have updated our Kittens and Litters Page. A new Litter was born 02.Februrary 2016. The very first Litter of our beautiful Boy Battle Creek's Jack the Lad.
New pictures of Shopping Queen on her site, new pictures of our 2 Litter, watch Kittens!

New Pictures of our Kittens look at Kitten-Litters. New Pictures of Adagio, with 2,5 years, look at males.


Gwendolyn, Aloha and Selina had a Photoshooting, enjoy the lovely pictures of our Girls , look under Cats-Females :)

First pictures of our Kittens! They are now 3 weeks and start to walk and play.
We still have 1 wonderful red tabby classic male looking for a new home.
Watch Litters.

Pictures of our Kittens Some updates of our website done today.
Maine Coon Cattery BattleCreek