Our breeding cats are selected according to: development, type, character, size, health and Group-feeling.
But we consider that our cats decide how their group is built. The sympathy between our Maine Coons decide whether they want to live together as a group. Therefore, we castrate an Cat very early, if it does not meet this important criterion.

The similar applies for our Young Stars: On our Youngsters site we provide our future breeding cats. They are used for breeding only if they forfill all of our requirements for breeding (health, type, character, size) and are calm and comfortable in the cat community.

Our boys are all compatible with each other and never aggressive. Again, we make sure that the group is harmonic, without power-struggles or other stress between the Boys. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to castrate a Male earlier than planned, if he should suffer badly from his hormonal stress.
Our males are not available for stud Service, for the sake of harmony and sustaining our community cats.
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