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Battle Creek's Josefine Birthday is. 03.Mai 2014 she became12  years
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Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republik, Denmark, Dubai, England, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Poland, Russia, United States of America, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand,
The one and only: Int.Ch. Battle Creek's S'Orlando
GEC Weidebusch Sam of BattleCreek, the foundation of our Cattery!
His size, his type, unique.
Blue (Silver) Tabby Classic
Born  10.June 2004
HCM , PKD , HD screened negativ
Weigh (not castrated) 10 Kg

     -castrated and retired from breeding-

best blue silver tabby maine coon der season 06/07, Tica.
Best in Variety, 11.11.2006
Best in Variety, Best in Show + BEST OF BEST 21.10.2006
Best in Show, BEST OF BEST + BEST OF ALL , 18.12.2005
Best in Variety, Best in Show + BEST OF BEST, 08.10.2005
Battle Creek's E' Gold Rush
our lovely castrated Queen::
Champion Battle Creek's Re Miss Maine
our lovely castrated Queen
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Battle Creek's Ca Evendim
our lovely castrated Queen
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Battle Creek's Isolabella
our lovely castrated Mother of many Beautiful Kittens
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