About 30 years ago I/we discovered the Maine Coons in the U.S.A. at Battle Creek.  I was so excited that I bought a tomcat(neutered).  At that time these cats were more expensive than today.  We always had housecats and racecats in our household, including Persians, Siamese and Birmas, which were always neutered.  When we rediscovered the Maine Coons some years ago, we started our dream to breed this race December 1999.   Our first Cat for our Cattery came in March 2000,our Black Jack . Actually, we were looking for a female but he adopted himself to us.  It was love at first sight.  That is how our first breeding Maine Coon came into our house.  And everybody that loves these cats as we do can imagine what came next....... Of course our old cats are still living with us.

Our animals live in our house and the Kittens grow up in our Bedrooms. We are not just the owner of our cats , we are the catmothers. Our Cats can roam everyplace in our House and are full members of our Family. Our Cats are never caged.
The "spraying" Boys Zone inside our house:
Home sweet home, Outside area for our Cats and Kittens and Males.
         Little history about our Cattery name

Several surveyors surveyed the land in Michigan and when they did at a little river, they met some unpleasant Indians on the other side.  They began shooting at each other.  That battle continued until dusk.  At dusk they all packed up their weapons and both sides went home.  No one died in this incident.  From then on they called this area Battle Creek.
To avoid unplanned pregnancies, we keep our Male Cats separated from the female cats and Kittens. The Males room is only for fallback, certainly our Boys live integrated in the family and can move separately from the girls freely in the rest of the house.
Maybe a Garden is more lovely for the Cats, but this way we feel much safer!
Our cattery is accepted and approved by the official Veterinary Office of the City Heinberg.
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Maine Coon Cattery BattleCreek